Bail Jumper: Brittany Barnes

There's a new generation of bail jumpers emerging in the Amarillo area. Local bond agent, Ron Green says he's bonded out clients as young as 15 years old. A group he says is vulnerable and easily influenced, forcing them to make bad choices in life. The latest bail jumper Brittany Barnes is falling into the next generation of young bail jumpers running from authorities.

She is 19 year ol Brittany Barnes that Ron green is worried about heading down the wrong path. "When you are 19 and have your whole life a head of you then once you get a felony it's like flushing the commode and your life is gone forever," Barnes said.

He's hoping you can help find Barnes, forcing her to take responsibility for felony credit card abuse charges. "She is looking at more charges down the road if she doesn't do something soon. We're talking bail jumping with in the next 30 days," Green said.

Green advises anyone around Barnes in the northeast area of Amarillo, to not trust Brittany Barnes. "If you live in Hamlet. Don't leave anything unlock she'll steal credit cards chances are she using drugs. Anything that is valuable," he said.

A value in stealing that Green says could land Barnes behind bars for years. Green is offering a reward for information that leads to Barnes' capture. If you have any information on Barnes or any other bail jumpers call Allstate bail bonds at 379-6699.