"What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy" Episode 12

Cpl. Sam Martinez
Cpl. Sam Martinez

The dark of night can hide criminals of any shape or size... It's something police cadets have to overcome with only instinct and a flashlight.

Imagine being in an unfamiliar room... With no light to guide you. It's a situation officers will find themselves in during their career.. So cadets are taught from the beginning what to do.

Cpl. Sam Martinez says, "Being slow and methodical in a search and how to recognize a danger and what to do when they do see danger."

Then they are put in a real situation.. Knowing someone is here... But not knowing where.

Not every lesson taught is just for the safety of cadets... It also affects your safety.

Cpl. Martinez says, "If they learn it the proper way it is going to be safer for them and actually for the suspect. Because when they learn it the proper way there is less likelihood of them going in and possibly using deadly force, where as the suspect could just be called out to them, arrested and taken into custody."

Another lesson is traffic stops at night.. Cadets here are taught commands and the proper procedures to go through with a felony stop.

Not everyone obey's though... Something that can catch cadets off guard.

Cadets will get more use to traffic stops... Because next week they will be dealing with suspected intoxicated drivers.