New Safety Features on Space Heaters

Parker Beebe, Beebe Ace Lumber and Supply
Parker Beebe, Beebe Ace Lumber and Supply

You may be pulling out the space heater to keep your house warm.. But if you own an older version you could be putting your family at risk.

Officials say residents should think of upgrading to new models, like the ones that come with shut off features if the unit is tipped over.

That's just one, among other safety precautions.

Parker Beebe with Beebe Ace Lumber and Supply says, "You have a fire but you also have safety features like if the oxygen is depleted in the room the heater cuts off automatically, and that has been one of the problems with those older ceramic heaters or clay radiant heaters, is that when the oxygen was depleted people were not aware of it and a lot of people were asphyxiated."

Beebe also recommends ceramic heaters and those with timers for extra safety.