Sony Again Denies PS3 Price Cut

Kaz Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment President
Kaz Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment President

From GamePro:

Sony Computer Entertainment head Kaz Hirai, in an interview with the Financial Times, has again denied that a price cut is planned for the PlayStation 3. Instead, Hirai said the system is a better value than competing consoles that retail for half its price.

Also, Hirai said PS3 bundles, not price cuts, would be Sony's strategy for the fierce holiday sales season.

"The answer is yes, if you're asking, 'Are these the prices we're going with this Christmas?'" he said. "When you really compare apples to apples, then I think we have a very good value proposition."

The renewed calls for a PS3 price cut arrive after a string of Xbox 360 successes in Japan and elsewhere over the past few weeks. For the first time ever, the hapless Xbox 360 (at least in unfriendly Japan), managed to outsell the PS3 for the entire month of September on the heels of significant price cuts and timely RPG releases.

And when pressed about the recent downturn in the worldwide economy, Hirai kept his best foot forward, saying, "As long as we can generate excitement, then we will be less affected than other industries."

Hirai did concede, however, that the PS3 is entering a period in its life cycle where "price becomes more important."

What is certain about the PS3's future is the bundle. Like the PSP before it, the PS3 will soon be packaged with software like LittleBigPlanet, while the price will remain the same.

In related news, just last week Sony president of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, said his company would welcome Xbox 360 success in Japan if it meant better awareness of HD gaming.