Alone in the Dark PS3 Getting New Title To Match Improvements

From 1UP:

When Alone in the Dark was released a few months back, it fell pretty well short of our expectations. While the fire dynamics and elaborate set pieces set the game apart from other survival horror titles, they were hampered by nagging design flaws and control issues -- check out 1UP's review of the 360 version for full details on that. Luckily though, Atari has not turned a blind eye to these issues when it comes to the upcoming PS3 port of the game. The company has announced that the next version of the game is addressing so many of the original release's known problems that it warrants a new title: Alone in the Dark: Inferno.

Inferno's many fixes include free camera movement, an improved inventory system that actually pauses the game when you check it, and even a new sequence in the game that debuts a brand new enemy. Other options and levels will be tweaked, including the infamously frustrating 59th Street car racing sequence.

Of course, a lot of these have been mentioned before -- in 1UP's Own Preview for instance -- but it's nice to hear that they really seem to have a feel for what's wrong and how to correct it. Fortunately, Atari has also confirmed that these fixes -- though probably not the extra action sequence -- will be available in a patch for the 360 version. I doubt that would encourage many people to give the game a second go, but at least they're taking steps to fix some glaring problems.