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Making Politics Popular In School

Jeff Frazer , Caprock High School Teacher Jeff Frazer , Caprock High School Teacher
Jennifer Garay, Caprock Senior Jennifer Garay, Caprock Senior

The presidential race is becoming a useful tool in some Amarillo high schools. Some are calling the political race of 2008, a race that is expected to be in history books down the road and that is why teachers are discussing it now.

Local Caprock High School teacher Jeff Frazer is making the current election a hot topic in class. "That's why we are here... if we can get the kids interested and informed they will become voters. If they start the process now. That's going to be a life long habit," Frazer said.

Senior Jennifer Garay says learning about the political process is a positive one for her and her peers.  "If it wasn't for his class we wouldn't be up to date we wouldn't be encouraged to go out and vote now," Garay said.

Teachers at Caprock are making all efforts to make sure politics are popular in different classes such as English, government and history.  All subjects teachers say they can utilize current issues. "This is probably one of the most historical election in these students lives. They want to know about and read about and want to learn about and do current events weekly," Frazer said.

In Frazer's government and history classes, students learn about issues in politics, the electoral college and the voting process. Topics Garay says she never knew about, "Now because we have taken his class and so many things he's teaching us. Even though I'm not old enough to vote when I do turn 18 I'm going to go out and register just because of the fact I want to have a voice, " she said.

That is what Frazer hopes to accomplish, "I love when they come back with their voter card and it's stamped because that's a tremendous victory," he said.

Caprock High School has programs in place to register eligible high school students to vote or volunteer with local election events.  A goal teachers and faculty members aim to do... give students the knowledge to voice their opinions now and vote in the future.

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