Students Learn Old Ways to Cheat Through Websites

New twist on old cheating scams. Your student may be passing the test thanks to cheating ways they learned on popular, user produced video sites like YouTube.

As more teachers look out for cell phones or MP3's as sources for cheating.. Students are resorting to old classics.. And some with a new age spin.

Debbie Thompson has seen her share of cheating techniques in the classroom as an English Teacher at Tascosa High School.

"It can be difficult at times and keep you on your toes but if you are out there paying attention the key is really just to talk to them and say, just let them know that the expectation is that their work is their own and you will respect them more if they honestly make a bad grade, then if they cheat to make a good grade."

Internet sites like youtube will teach your child all types of things, things you may not have though off... Like how to cheat with a coke bottle or even a clear pen.

Thompson says, "Parents do need to monitor what they are looking at. Talk to their kids about what they are seeing, so that they also know what is going on. Because if we are both looking out for it there is less of a chance that we are going to see that in the classroom."

A recent survey shows 70 percent of college student cheat at least once.

Thompson says teachers communicate with each other to stay on top of trends... And all students should know that you may get away with it once.. But sooner or later you will be caught.