First Anger, Then Stress

Dr. Son Vi Nguyen
Dr. Son Vi Nguyen

Bailouts, buyouts, and rate cuts... It's enough to send record numbers of people to psychologist offices, overwhelmed with stress.

For some, the pressure of losing money and not knowing what to do with the money they have is just too much. We spoke with a local psychologist who says without a doubt, people are getting emotional. "People talk a lot about their anger. Of course, behind that, there's anxiety about how much money they lost," says Dr. Son Vi Nguyen.

He adds this anger comes from the feeling that the government let Americans down by not preventing the Wall Street mess. He also believes the worst is yet to come. It will hit when people realize just how much money they actually lost and the lasting effects on their retirement. "It will be felt for sure as this crisis goes on. I'm sure of that.

And the anxiety will probably progressively replace the anger. "As compared to the Great Depression and Black Tuesday in 1987, Dr. Nguyen says the panic isn't as widespread, but it still concerns him.