New Charges Could be Coming for Escaped Potter County Inmate

Potter Co. Sheriff Ron Boyter
Potter Co. Sheriff Ron Boyter

Joshua Duane Barnes is racking up the charges in his latest escape from Potter County.

While they may not know all the facts of Barnes time on the outside... Potter County authorities have ruled some things out.. And are looking to more charges.

Starting from the beginning... Officials don't think anybody inside the jail helped Barnes but someone might have.

Potter Co. Sheriff Ron Boyter says, "I don't think he had any help from the inside. From the outside, I'm not sure, it's not really that clear, it's possible but it would have been hours after."

As far as the juvenile found with Barnes, he probably won't face charges.

Sheriff Boyter says, "The way it looks now, I don't think so, he may have just happened to handy and close by."

On his first escape Barnes allegedly burglarized a home... Officials say they are still looking into new charges in this run from the law that ended at this hotel room.

Sheriff Boyter says, "I don't know if he actually rented it or not . I really don't know that yet, there has been some talk that he just broke in there and stayed there."

47th District Attorney Randall Sims says, "Depending on the facts, I have been told, I have not seen the paperwork yet, that would show that there is a potential for another burglary. The young man is cutting his own throat."

If convicted Barnes could face 2 to 10 years for escape on top of previous burglary charges he has.

Barnes now has extra security with him at all times.. And will for the rest of the time he is in the Potter County Jail.

Officials say changes will be made to the rec-area where he escaped from so this can't happen again.