Financial Aid Frenzy

Dan Garcia, WT Vice President of Enrollment Management
Dan Garcia, WT Vice President of Enrollment Management

The economy continues to affect all facets of the community including college life. Amarillo campuses are seeing a frenzy of financial assistance going out students.

More college students are applying for financial aid than ever before, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Texas colleges alone have seen a 13% spike in applicants just for the fall semester.

West Texas A & M University Sophomore, Rikki Lassiter does not know what she would do with out the financial aid she uses during her college career. "Really helpful in like me getting my education sooner so I can not have to work at McDonald's the rest of my life," she said.

WT Vice President of Enrollment Management Dan Garcia says, he's seeing more and more students like Rikki make their way to the financial aid office every year.  "Every year we give about 36 million dollars in financial aid and scholarships. For this fall term we gave out about 2 million more," Garcia said.

Garcia says even though taxpayers pay for financial aid in the long run, through state and federal taxes. The economic payoff is much greater in the future.  "Most of the resources available through out the state and country are provided as a taxpayer support. The greater number of graduates the greater number of positive contributors to society. It will help our economy overall." Garcia said.

Most agree the financial aid spike shows that the future economy and taxpayers will be brighter than they are today.  Garcia says W. T. received $7,000 applications this year, a thousand more compared to the 2007 semester.