First Time Voters Discuss Presidential Debate

First time, undecided, voters are being heavily sought after by presidential candidates.. and that is exactly who we wanted to hear from

We are letting their voices be heard on a variety of issues tonight.

Travis Ruiz says, "I hink this last one showed me that I am tired of the way our country has gone the last eight years. I can see change in the future with Barack Obama."

Kebbi Wedeking "I think that there's things that Obama didn't get."

Veronica Quinn says, "I use to hate politics. For now I am getting more involved because I want to know what is going on in the world today. I want deaf people, the deaf culture to know that they have a chance to vote to."

David Meraz says, "I think it is really interesting watching it with other people, because you get their input. After this I know who I am going to vote for."

Quinn says, "I think that the priority is for energy and the person who is willing to change that, who makes the effort to do it."

Dr. Dave Rausch with West Texas A&M University says, "It appeared that Senator Obama was much clearer much more definitive on domestic policy and I would say Senator McCain was much more clear on foreign policy than domestic policy."

Quinn says, "I want my kids to go to college, I don't want them to have to give up that American dream because the President before failed us."

The next presidential debate will be next Wednesday right here on NewsChannel 10.