Local Businesses Speak Out About Economy

The presidential candidates spend a good deal of their debate time talking about them and you probably spend a good deal of your time shopping at them... We're talking about small businesses.

Small businesses are often called the heart beat of America's economy. We spoke with three local business owners today who say it's definitely pumping, but in some cases, not as fast as it once was. At Chaparral Cleaners, business is like the hanging rack in their store... Constantly moving...sometimes it goes up and other times, it's down. But in just the past week, it's come full circle, says owner Steve Tunnell.

"It really hurt for three days, but life is still going on and people are still cleaning clothes." At la Fleur Florist, owner Susan Hobbs says business isn't blooming. "Looking at the figures from last year it seems like things have slowed down a lot." But she's optimistic about sunny days ahead. "Day by the day the orders start to come in a little bit more."

Sunny days are already here for Frank's Bakery... And owner Francois Gaucaain attributes it directly to the economy. "People don't go to restaurants because it's expensive, so you buy one baguette. Cut, put some stuff inside so you can eat like that. That's it. It costs nothing." The economy isn't the only thing impacting these local businesses.

Tunnell says, "The presidential election years always make it challenging. "You know, I'm not gonna compete advertising with all the political ads." These challenges aren't stopping people from opening and expanding small businesses... More than 600 people do just that every year.