Bail Out of the Stock Market....Or Stay Put?

Keep your stocks invested or bail out before the market gets worse?

Investors across the Panhandle say they are questioning what to do with their funds.

Bankers say they are seeing more nervous and worried clients because there is no way of telling when stocks margins have hit rock bottom and will begin improving.

Paul Boston of Happy State Bank says he is advising clients to stick out the hard times."I think my recommendation at this point would be suited to each individual client. If they are already in the market, then if they could possibly stay in and ride this out then they should do that. Perhaps now sometime in here will be a great time to get back in the market."

Local investor Cathy Wood says it is difficult to know what move to make because no one really knows what will happen with the stock market.

"Where I'm at is...I don't know. I'm keeping them for right now, just keeping an eye on them. In fact, looked up the account last night and saw that I lost significantly more and thought. You know is know the time to bail or cut rope."

She says it is frustrating people thousands of miles away in Washington are making decisions about her finances.

"Well it makes me angry that people that are making decisions about what happens with my finances that haven't worked for my finances and you know, we're just kind of a victim of the circumstances. But I guess probably most everybody feels that way."

On the upside Boston says now is a great time to invest in the stock market.  He says he is confident the stock market will get better. And the worst thing you can do is pull out now.