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Both Sides of Michael Dick Case Speak Out

Jeff Blackburn, Family Attorney Jeff Blackburn, Family Attorney
Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney
Chris Hoffman, Family Attorney Chris Hoffman, Family Attorney

The inmate who died while in Potter County Jail did not die from blunt force trauma....according to Amarillo Police. All sides agree that Michael Dick died from peritonitis, but that's about the only thing they do agree on. In the nine page response filed by Potter County, they defend themselves against accusations from the Dick Family lawyers. Here are the key players... Family attorneys Jeff Blackburn and Chris Hoffman as well as Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley.

Blackburn: We want to know what really happened to this kid. That's what the family wants to know.
Brumley: And I understand the feeling that those answers aren't coming fast enough.

Blackburn: The county's official position, articulated by Scott Brumley, the County Attorney is we don't have to investigate anything anyway.
Brumley: We have to protect the Sheriff's right not to be accused of wrong doing without evidence to corroborate.

Blackburn: We kill people in this jail and we don't care enough to even look into it?
Brumley: If you don't know that, why are you making those kind of accusations and prejudicing the potential jury pool?

Hoffman: Dr. Beaver states in here that he had a high suspision for the potential of a trauma induced death.
Blackburn: The doctor that did this, Dr. Tom Beaver is on very thin ice. There is a very good   question into whether or not he is even liscensed to practice medicine in Texas.
NewsChannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos: I went online and tried to find Dr. Beavers medical liscense for the state of Texas and I couldn't find it. What do you have to say about that?
Brumley: I've seen a lot of accusations and I haven't seen a lot of facts.

The next step....Blackburn and Hoffman are bringing Potter County to court on October 24th.

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