Tulia and Canyon are Certified Retirement Communities

Two cities in the Panhandle are now on a list of the top places to retire in the state.

The Texas Department of Agriculture has classified Tulia and Canyon as the newest GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Communities.

They are the 20 and 21st to be designated by the state.

They will now be available for funding to market their cities to retiring seniors.

Officials in Canyon see this as an opportunity to improve the community, not just economically, but socially.

"We have more residents. Residents who have disposable income and also have time to become active in the community," said Evelyn Ecker, the Executive Director of the Canyon Economic Development Corporation.

"I see some seniors coming in and with them being younger are really going to be good role models for our youth. Wisdom is something we can all gain with seniors coming and living in our community," said Cheryl Malcolm, the head of the Canyon Chamber of Commerce.

The state says retirees spend an average of $36 thousand a year in new communities, and more than three thousand in state and local taxes.