Michael Dick Controversy Continues

The  inmate who died in the Potter County Jail in july did not die from blunt force trauma....according to Amarillo Police.

APD's statement says Michael Dick died from a condition known as Peritontitis, which was caused by an ulcer. One of the Dick family lawyers, Chris Hoffman, says he disagrees with their findings. "The Amarillo Police Department's press release says what this autopsy is that this was not a result of blunt trauma. I don't see that conclusion anywhere in this autopsy from an initial reading."

A private medical examiner will now look over dick's body and have results within a few weeks. Hoffman, along with Jeff Blackburn, the family's other lawyer, want answers from Potter County, saying it doesn't add up. Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley says the Sheriff's Office has nothing to hide and cannot comment on something that does not have a definitive answer.

The investigation into the death of Michael Dick is still underway, which includes Potter-Randall Special Crimes going over surveillance tapes from the time Michael Dick was in jail.