Exclusive Interview With Fellow Barnes Inmate

He was there when Joshua Duane Barnes escaped from the Potter County Jail.

In an exclusive interview with NewsChannel 10 a fellow inmate says how he thinks Barnes did it.

The inmate I spoke with today who is asking to be called "Jay" was released from jail Monday.

He says Barnes escaped while out for a one hour break after three guards escorted him to the outside recreation facility and then returned to their stations.

Jay says the recreation area was surrounded by a 15 foot cement wall and until the escape Jay says he did not realize anything else was out there.

"Apparently there's a pipe out there. Apparently for drainage or something. And he climbed the wall and jumped over and how he got through the razor wire and all that. I don't know. Cause I mean I got out Monday and I didn't see any holes being repaired in the fence. So I don't know how he got over the fence of through the fence without getting caught."

Jay says the reaction time of the jail personnel lacked because there was no supervision while Barnes was outside.

"And it took them maybe six, seven minutes to even realize he was gone. And by the time they got back over there he was gone and they were baffled at how he escaped. And the phones didn't get shut off for four, five minutes. I almost had a phone call out calling my wife, letting her know someone escaped."

Barnes is still on the loose and is considered dangerous. If you have any information about Barnes you are asked to call the Potter County Sheriff's Department at 379-2900.