Autopsy Results Bring Mixed Reaction

Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney
Scott Brumley, Potter County Attorney

The autopsy results are in for the inmate who died while in Potter County Jail in July.

Amarillo police say Michael Dick died from Peritonitis, which did not result from blunt force trauma. There is controversy surrounding both the results and the case itself, though. The Dick family attorneys wants Potter County Sheriff Ron Boyter to give a deposition and are taking the county to court at the end of this month. The official response from Potter County is nine pages in all... Some of the highlights include the Sheriff's inability to answer questions that have not been answered by the investigation and. And here is perhaps the biggest issue... The case's trial in the media.

Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley is not happy with how the case is being run, to say the least. "There have been some fairly sensational, outlandish accusations made against the sheriff and the only way to rebut them would be to engage in a similar kind of media campaign, which is improper under the rules of how lawyers are supposed to do business.

Family attorney Jeff Blackburn interprets the document as the county trying to cover up the wrong doing done to Michael Dick. If you'll recall... Michael Dick was the man arrested in the Santa Fe building in late July. He was taken into custody because his probation was revoked. He died several days after he was booked into Potter County Jail. An investigation is still underway.