Curry County Escapees: Four Down, Three to Go

A suspected murderer is back behind bars but three other dangerous escapees remain at large tonight. It's been just about six weeks since seven men broke out of the Curry County Detention Center using handmade tools to cut a hole in the roof. The most recent capture... suspected killer Larry McClendon. The nineteen-year-old was found in Amarillo over the weekend and is currently in the Randall County Jail awaiting his extradition hearing. Tips following a recent America's Most Wanted episode led to his capture.

Three other escapees are still on the loose tonight. Michael England; the Curry County District Attorney believes he is in either Amarillo or Clovis. He is wanted for tampering with evidence and felony possession of a firearm. There is a $1,500 dollar award for his capture. Next... Edward Salas. The 21-year-old is convicted of murder. His last name is tattooed on his back and Lisa is on his right arm. There is a $5,000 dollar reward for him. Our third inmate on the run is Louis Chavez. He is charged with cruelty to animals. His reward... $1,000 dollars. His distinguishing mark...a tattoo reading "Fear None" across his chest. The three other escapees, Victor Sotello, Javier Zapata, and Reynaldo Enriquez have already been captured.

If you see any of these men or know where they are, you should call the Curry County Sheriff's office at 575-769-2335, or Crime Stoppers at 575-763-7000.