Bail Jumper: Angelo Ramos

An Amarillo man has made a habit out of running from Amarillo authorities. Police along with bond agents are teaming up in search of Bail Jumper 22 year old Angelo Ramos.

His need to avoid authorities is forcing bond agents to shell out thousands of dollars and taking police away from crime on the streets. All in search of Angelo Ramos.

Bond agent Shawn Galmore wants to add this bail jumper to her wall of shame. She says Angelo Ramos is making a foolish mistake avoiding misdemeanor charges of D.W.I and evading police. "It is silly but a lot of people get afraid. If they don't know the judicial system they become afraid and they think something bad is going to happen," She said.

Galmore says since Ramos did not show up for court in August, the hunt is on for this week's bail jumper. "We immediately try to contact when they don't go to court. Figure out why and maybe they over slept or didn't remember the court date and we never we're able to have any contact with him after," Galmore said.

Ramos has four charges against him and the longer he runs, the more concerns grow over safety and money as he continues to avoid authorities. Galmore said, it's frustrating, "It cost me money. Cost him money and when they find him.he's going to have to sit this one out".

Ramos can face felony jail time and fines, which will increase the longer he avoids his court obligations.

Galmore believes Ramos is still in the Amarillo area. He is  5'6, 160 pounds with brown eyes and short black hair.  Ramos may be bald and has a tattoo on his right with the initial "A".

If you have any information on Angelo Ramos call Bargain Bail Bonds at 379-0036.