What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy - Episode 11

Learning to shoot to kill.. It's not an easy task.. Mentally or physically... But it is one all cadets must pass.

Cadet Gutierrez says, "This is like the first time that I have ever gotten to firearm as much as I did today or the whole week."

That inexperience can be scary when you are learning to shoot for your life.. But cadets say their instructors instill confidence not criticism.

Cadet Tollerson says, "I think it's going ok. I think most of the guys in the academy will be able to take care of it too"

"Not so worried right now, but maybe a little bit when they get a little bit closer, like SWAT week, yea I'm worried about that." Cadet Palacios says.

Some say it's not just the mental toll they are taking.. But the constant physical demands can be exhausting.

"First of all I didn't think it was going to be this physical, but as the weeks have been going along, it has been surprising." Tollerson says.

No matter what, they knew it would be new territory... and all are up for the challenge.

"It's an experience, but it is something I enjoy and have a passion to do." Gutierrez says.

This is just a stepping stone.. In the weeks ahead they will be learning to conduct field

sobriety test, training with SWAT members, and passing written and physical test.

They still have about two months to go in their quest to become some of Amarillo's finest.

We will continue to take you along for the ride.