Amarillo Students Become Vital Technicians

Jay Barrett, Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning
Jay Barrett, Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning

In order to service your car faster, some local car dealerships have pitched in to help one area high school produce top quality job applicants.

Automotive technicians are a dying breed, and cars are becoming more complex than ever.

So now the Amarillo Independent School District is training students in a program that has just received a top rating.

The Amarillo Automotive Technician Center is now certificate of excellence from the National Automotive Technicians Education Association.

"It gave credibility to the program. It basically said this is a high quality program as we believe it is," said Jay Barrett, the president of the Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning.

This state of the art facility wouldn't have been able to receive the certification without the help from local dealerships, who see these boys, and one girl, as their future workforce.

"Our vehicles are so complex with computer systems. We're kind of wondering where out next group of technicians are going to come from and it's programs just like this," said J.R. Messer, a manager at Plains Chevrolet.

"I like it, and I think it's not a bad idea to do this for a career," said second year student David Diaz.

The programs business partners have given thousands of donations.

"Dealerships as well as independent garages have really gotten behind them, made sure they have what they needed as far as automobiles, technical information in order to make their program work," said Messer.