Kitchen Finalist - Becky Houghton

10 reasons why my kitchen needs a makeover.

1. It is a small kitchen that can be expanded into the neighboring small breakfast room by removing a wall that opens in to it with an archway.

2. It has the original appliances from 1931...original sink, original open flame furnace for heat. Original cabinets and layout and original lighting. All of which are primitive.

3. Cabinets: Space between counter top and upper cabinets is so short I can't use my mixer, my coffee maker and more because the upper cabinet doors bump into appliances when you need an item out of the cabinets.

4. Floor Height: the floor was added over original wood floor and is raised in front of the appliances, thus I can't remove the rusted out dishwasher to replace it without ripping out the floors.

5. There are storage issues, much wasted storage such as metal open bins to store flour and sugar and cabinets are only 12 inches deep so plates barely fit.

6. Refrigerator: we had to replace the refrigerator, but the new sizes are larger than the cabinetry around it so we had to chop off the bottom of the cabinet to make room for the refrigerator.

7. The paint is peeling from the back walls into the dishes and other items in the cabinets because there are no backs on the cabinets.

8. Lighting is a disaster, one single ceiling light and one over the sink light. Not to mention the avocado green color absorbs the light.

9. I need double ovens! I am a home economist and nutritionist and cooking is my life.

10. I also need a new sink. This 1931 5 inch deep sink is rusting around the edges and it no longer has a finish on it so every food stains it. Not to mention, the luxury of a disposal would be heavenly.