Kitchen Finalist - Pablo and Carol Reyes

10 reasons why my kitchen needs a makeover.

1. Would like more efficient use of space. It gets crowded when family and friends are over.

2. The flooring was here when we bought the house in 1990.

3. Getting older and need better lighting. Under cabinet light would be nice.

4. New countertops would greatly enhance the look of the kitchen.

5. Cabinets are nice but could stand some upgrading.

6. Newer, more energy efficient appliances would help lower utility bills.

7. I love my wallpaper, but wonder if new paper/finish would make it look roomier.

8. A center island to store cookbooks, pans, etc... would help me organize.

9. The ceiling is "popcorn finish" and dates the kitchen.

10. Last, but not least, a nice TV/DVD combo in the kitchen so I can watch NewsChannel10 while preparing food in my new kitchen.