Kitchen Finalist - Byron and Shawna Towndrow

Top 10 reasons I need a new kitchen!

10. If a baby were born on the day this kitchen was built, that baby would be 33 years old now having a mid-life crisis!

9. Our kitchen has great bones, but desperately needs a face lift.

8. The stove smokes from some electrical component and makes a humming sound 30 minutes after it's been turned off. We've come to be comforted by the hum.

7. The diswasher is really just a rinse cycle. The dishes have to be hand-washed before put in the dishwasher or they won't get clean.

6. The floor is old brick tile that is incapable of coming clean. A self cleaning floor would be nice ;-)

5. Then there's the baby poop yellow that the previous owners painted on the walls...What were they thinking?

4. There's a door from the kitchen that leads to the garage and sags nearly 2 inches lower than the other side of the door. Again, we're sagging and need a face lift.

3. Having a new kitchen would be a complete dream come true for me.

2. My husband's a great guy and works hard at the sheriff's office. The more done in our kitchen is less that he would have to do because the kitchen was the next on his to-do list, but we need professional help.

1. I promise fresh baked cookies to all involved in making my dream kitchen come true!