Kitchen Finalist - Josh Wood

10 Reasons We Would LOVE a New Kitchen!

1. My wife is a stay at home mom with 3 kids ages 4, 2 and 1. She is pregnant with our 4th(and final, in case you were wondering), due in April. Due to another series of events, we are also in the process of adopting 2 more children(ages 2 and 1), Come April, we will have 6 kids ages 5 and under. It would be AWESOME to bless my pregnant wife with a finished kitchen.

2. We ripped off the original 1969 laminate countertops and realized shortly thereafter that new countertops did not fit in the budget. We set the old countertops back in their place. I am sure that there are 40 year old countertops out there that have a nice vintage look to them. This is not the case here. My pregnant wife is tired of looking at them.

3. The cook-top...Since countertops did not fit in the budget, our cook-top is sitting on/in an old door that we cut to fit the countertop. It is not as decorative as it sounds. Also, we accidentally knocked over a mixer on our cook-top and cracked it a bit. My pregnant wife is tired of looking at it.

4. Apparently, the previous owners built the cabinets to hold an oven and a half. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an oven and a half. So, we have a small single oven sitting in a large opening. My pregnant wife is tired of looking at it.

5. The ice maker ordeal... We put an under-the-counter ice maker in our kitchen. It kept flooding our cabinets and kitchen. After having 3 companies look at it, and a few expletives, it now functions as an empty tin can holder. My pregnant wife is tired of looking at it.

6. The previous owners of the house had apparently done some remodeling of their own. We took down the oddly placed ceiling fan in the middle of the kitchen and replaced it with a very fashionable dangling interrogation type bulb. We aren't quite sure what to put there...probably due to my lack of creativity when it come to design. My pregnant wife is tired of looking at it.

7. We peeled off all of the old linoleum back splash in preperation for putting up some new stuff. Life has happened and we haven't had time to do so. As a result, our current back splash is  the remainder of some sort of green bonding substance from the 60's. I am about 80% sure that it isn't toxic. My pregnant wife  is tired of looking at it.

8. I started to build a raised bar onto the counter. Life happend and now we have a skeleton of a raised bar. My pregnant wife is tired of looking at it.

9. When we bought the house, the cabinets were a nice textured ivory color. We soon realized that they were actually white after scrubbing almost 40 years of filfth. We repainted and glazed them(by "we" I mean my wife and mother-in-law. I don't understand glazing). After a few years the paint is beginning to chip...mainly due to the kids spilling things, banging on the cabinets with drum sticks, chewing on the doors, and crashing their tricycles into the cabinets. My pregnant wife is tired of looking at them.

10. I may have mentioned this already, but it is worth wife is pregnant. We will likely have a reality show sized family by April. My pregnant wife is tired of looking at the kitchen. Please bless her with this.