How Much is $850 Billion Really?

For the past week, we've been hearing about the $700 billion dollar bailout, but now it's even bigger....$850 billion dollars... Thanks to extra initiatives tacked on by law makers. We all know it's a large sum of money, but we put it into perspective for you. So, how much is 850 billion really? the short answer... A lot. The longer answer... It all depends on how you look at it. From Cowboys football to barrels of oil to pick-up trucks... Let's see what all that money can do. For starters, it can fund a war... We've spent 650 billion in Iraq so far and another 200 billion on Afghanistan efforts. This one is for all you Cowboy fans... It can build 530 more new stadiums. Hope you're taking notes on this one... It's more than 15 times what the US spent on education last year. Speaking of education.... We could send every Texas resident to a four year public university. With Christmas just around the's this for a stocking stuffer... That's enough money to buy every American 10 iPods. Uncle Sam could write every American man, woman and child a check for $2300. Hope those highways are built Ford tough... We could buy every person in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico a brand new 2009 F150. Next time you fill up at the gas station... Think about this one. At today's price of $93 a barrel, we could buy more than 9 billion barrels of oil. Forget about vacationing... Why don't we just buy an entire country? The 2007 GDP of The Netherlands was $768 billion. Lastly, say goodbye to world poverty... It's enough to end it for more than two years. One more thing... You can even shoot for the moon, literally....over and over again... NASA's 2009 budget is $17.6 billion.