State Board of Education Wants to Change Evolution Standard

Texas schools may soon take the debate out of the evolution debate.

In classrooms right now students are allowed to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories like evolution.  But next year, that may change.

The state mandates all Texas schools follow the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills curriculum.

Amarillo High School Cluster Director Gary Angell says, "we have teks in all courses and it is basically a list of standards we teach and objectives."

Part of that is allowing students to question the theory of evolution.  But a revision to the standard would require teachers to present the theory as fact.

Kim Beth Buchanan, Curriculum Director for Canyon I.S.D. says, "the phrase strengths and weaknesses was deleted from the new science standards."

Tis a position supported by 800 scientists across the state who have joined together online.

Even if the strengths and weaknesses phrase is deleted, Buchanan says that will not stifle a student's question on evolution.   She says, "if a student brings that up as a discussion in their analysis of evolution, then of course the teacher will listen."

The board of education will cast a final vote on the change next spring.

The State Board of Education is taking public input on this issue.

You can see the science class standards and tell the board what you think through the Texas Education Agency.