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Congratulations on your big news.
This is your chance to post your Wedding announcements for FREE. And after your announcement is posted you can email the link to all of your family and friends to share the good news.

Email us at with "Wedding Announcement" in the Subject Title

Email us your:

  • Names (Bride Elect / Groom Elect)
  • One or Two Pictures (640x480 or smaller and .jpg preferred)
  • All of your information on your wonderful announcement.
  • Ideas may include: Parent information, Wedding Date, Church Location, Church City, Phone Numbers for follow-up information if necessary, and all of the back ground information you would like to include

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Here are the rules:
Please just send us the requested information.
No submissions will be posted that have vulgar or distasteful content.
All submissions are at the liberty of KFDA Management before posting.