Dangers of Cold Medicine

Cold medicine and your child's safety... Controversy between the FDA and pediatricians, who want the agency to ban over- the-counter children's cold medicine for kids under six. Pediatricians says the medicine is risky for kids because it contains pseudo-ephedrine, which acts like adrenaline. Dr. Meganne Walsh says, "so it can really hype up the kids and a little kid sometimes if they're hyped up, sometimes it makes their appetite fall off, sometimes it makes their sleeping not good. And those things make it harder for the kids to fight their infections." Potentially harmful side effects aren't the only concern with cold medicine. Often times they look just like candy, which can fool kids, says Ronica Farrar at Poison Control, as she showed us a diagram box with actual pills and candy in it. "All the ones in this column are medications, this column is medication and both these columns are candy, and they look very similar." Poison Control says that similarity accounts for a large percentage of the cold medicine calls they receive. Those overdoses send 7,000 kids to the emergency room every year.