Sugar Crammed Cereal

Tim Cunningham, Licensed Dietician
Tim Cunningham, Licensed Dietician

You may know many breakfast cereals contain sugar... But you may not know how much sugar.

A new look at 27 popular cereals may have you rethinking what you put down in front of your child each morning.

The cereals were examined for nutrients.. Of those cereals tested... Cheerios was the best... Corn Pops, the worst.

And two even showed more than 50 percent sugar per serving.

Becky Stark isn't too worried about serving Lucky Charms to her 11 year old.

Stark says, "He gets a lot of nutrients during the rest of the day, so if he needs a little extra sugar I don't mind."

But when she found out some cereals had 50 percent sugar per serving.. She did seem to mind.

"That does kind of concern me. I don't like that much sugar but I know lucky charms has the wheat and the grain and stuff like that."

Some cereals are ranked better than others but it's not because of their sugar, in fact mini-wheats has more sugar than rice krispies does. But because it has higher fiber and lower sodium it received a better grade.

Licensed Dietician Tim Cunningham with Eat Rite in Amarillo says, "That's pretty ridiculous. 1st of all when you process a grain to the extent that you have removed all of the vitamins and then you have to enrich it with all of those vitamins that's kind of going backwards. Why not just leave it in it's natural state and make it a whole grain."

Cunningham says the ingredients list will show you how much of something is in your cereal... By what position it has on the list.. They are listed most to least.

Here is the List of Rankings from Consumer Reports:

Rates Very Good:

1. Cheerios

2. Kix

3. Life

4. Honey Nut Cheerios

Rated Good:

5. Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size

6. Frosted Flakes

7. Cookie Crisp

8. Golden Grahams Honey Graham

9. Lucky Charms

10. Cocoa Puffs

11. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

12. Trix

13. Reese's Puffs

14. Fruity Pebbles

15. Honey-Comb

16. Cocoa Pebbles

17. Frosted Flakes

18. Cocoa Krispies

19. Frosted Flakes Reduced Sugar

Rated Fair:

20. Cap'n Cruch's Peanut Butter Crunch

21. Cap'n Crunch

22. RIce Krispies

23. Apple Jacks

24. Froot Loops

25. Golden Crisp

26. Honey Smacks

27. Corn Pops