Tournament Fights Cancer

Caleb Hudson
Caleb Hudson

It started with a couple of families in a hospital waiting room.

They all shared something in common: their child was battling cancer. Three years later, they formed the Panhandle Angels Foundation. It is a support network for families fighting cancer.

The group will host a tennis tournament, October 18th, to provide these families with basic needs they sometimes cannot afford.

Caleb Hudson has been preparing for the tournament and says participating is very close to his heart.

"All we had was hospital food. Every now and then we'd get a gift card to Jason's Deli or something like that and we'd jump all over it," Hudson said. "So, basically, that's what we are trying to do for the families now is provide them with something they can be happy about."

The event is free to the public. If you want to show off your tennis skills and support the cause, sign up by October 9th at Austin Tennis Center.

For more information call 326-3040.