Contacting Your Congressman - Not So Simple

Thousands of residents have jammed capital hill e-mails and phone lines to have their voices heard about the wall street bailout.

It took more than 20 minutes to get through to three area Congressmen. So many calls and e-mails had clogged the system and even shut some things down.

Sam Simon with NM Representative Tom Udall's Office says, "The internet has been a whole other concern, yeah, it is really an overwhelming response. We keep hearing that they are working on getting more bandwith or whatever they need to do to make sure it is accessible, but it's been really tricky for the group who manages the house website."

A local representative says something needs to change to make the system easier and encourage more to use their voice.

U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry from Texas says, "In many respects the technology around the capital has not kept pace with the change in technology around the country and it is very important to have upgraded phone lines and servers so that people can get through. People feel strongly about it and they want to do something about it and I work for them and so it is important."

Leslie Shedd, with OK Representative Frank Lucas' Office says, "I think that we have been getting a little over 300 hundred since this has kind of really blown up over the last seven days."

If you do want to contact the Capital switchboard, you can call 202-225-3121.

But most representatives suggest contacting them through their personal websites or local offices.