Special Bikes Help Local Children

Children with physical disabilities usually have a difficult time interacting with other children. But with a special gift from the Amarillo is helping these children play like other children.

The Frerich family received a therapeutic tricycle, known as Amtryke, for their two-year-old Ella.

"When you have a disability it's always hard to fit in," said Ella's grandmother, Lonna Frerich. "People always look at her and ask, why can't she walk. And you have to explain."

Ella was born with a grade four brain bleed. It affected her motor skills and she cannot walk because of it.

Still, her grandparents haven't lost hope. The Ambucs bikes offer multiple benefits to children with needs like hers.

"They may think they are out playing but in reality they are exercising their arms and legs," said Vicki Moore, ambility chairperson for the Amarillo chapter of Ambucs.

The tricycles also help heal the child's spirit.

"The smiles on their faces is just overwhelming," Moore said. "It gives these kids a sense of independence of freedom that they aren't used to having."

With the help from the bike, the Frerich's hope Ellas will be on her feet within the year.

*To raise money for more bikes, Ambucs will host its 55th annual "Pancakes and Sausage Feast" October 25th.  You can pick up a ticket at Cavenders for $4.