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Bail Jumper: Allen Sudden

Genoa Montana,  Central Bail Bonds Genoa Montana, Central Bail Bonds
Allen Sudden Allen Sudden

A bond agent's attempt to help bail out a war veteran back fires on him. Bond agents take risks every time they bail out a client. A majority of them show up for court and fulfill their requirements others end up on the run.

One thing local bond agent Geno Montano did not expect with one his bail jumpers... Allen Sundeen at Central Bail Bonds.  Montano said, "He had been in jail a couple of weeks and had a V.A. pension so we bonded him out... Knowing he was a veteran served his country".

Geno Montano along with other agents have spent months looking for 56-year-old Allen Sundeen who is charged with assaulting a public servant back in May. "The effort the time... Is more than the money we have put a lot of time and we have traced him, " Montano said.

Montano believes Sundeen is in Amarillo and could be spotted at several area agencies such as the Veteran's Hospital or the United Way Resource center. It's believe that Sundeen has family in Arizona and travels between Amarillo and Arizona. "A few months ago he started goign to see his sister in Arizona and he was going to come back and didn't come back to court," Montano said.

He hopes if Sundeen is seen in these areas, you can help turn him in.  Montano explains how you can help, "Depends on what information they give us some people can give us really good information some can give us an idea some actually partake in the apprehension it depends on what they are able to do".

If all else fails,  Central Bail Bond agents are relying on Sundeen to face the music and turn himself in. "Face the truth, face the facts... face it. He's going to end up losing his VA pension, " Montano said.

Central Bail Bonds is offering a reward from $100 to $500 depending on how much information leads to Sundeen.

He is described as 6'0 feet tall, 145 pounds with blue eyes and blond hair that is balding.  If you have any information on this bail jumper call Central Bail Bonds at 372-2900.

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