Secure Your Email

Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du
Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du

Yahoo and Google are among the most popular e-mail providers online.

Everyone has one--including vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

But there is a security flaw with web-based email accounts, according to Ray Wilson, president of Cat-Man-Du. These email providers make it relatively simple to reset your password.

"In the case of Sarah Palin, all the guy did was go into a Yahoo and reset her password, just as she would have, and answer some security questions like: her date of birth and where she met her husband," said Wilson. "And all of that information is readily available just by googling her."

Wilson says e-mail security begins with you. A few simple steps can keep your account safe:

  • Always use a secure connection to access your e-mail account
  • Choose your security question carefully. Make sure you are the only person that knows the answer to the question.
  • Avoid storing sensitive material in your account.
  • Change your password often