Flu Season is Officially Here

It kills 36,000 Americans every year and sends another 200,000 to the hospital... Flu season is officially here.  Every year the Center for Disease Control recommends flu shots, but this year they're calling for a record number of people to be vaccinated....

The high number is prompted by a rough flu season last year. More than 261 million Americans fall into the "should get a shot" category. There are two groups though that are especially at risk for the flu, Amarillo Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner Tiffany Shadle. "The most needy are those elderly people, in nursing homes, those who are already frail. And little kids, kids under age five also.

If you choose not to get a flu shot, you could be putting yourself at risk for complications much more serious than just chills and body aches. "The most serious I would say is pneumonia. Then you have really high fevers that can cause brain damage. Or even seizures if your temperature gets high enough." Flu shots take about two weeks before they can fully protect your body, so doctors say the sooner you can get it, the better.