What It Takes: The Amarillo Police Academy - Episode 10

Cadet Palacios
Cadet Palacios

Some of them miss the mark.. And others are hitting bullseyes all day long.

Some of them are picking up a gun for the first time..

Cadet Palacios says, "Not till I got to the academy, we went once and that was my first time. This is all new to me, really new."

They make a lot of mistakes.. Mistakes they have to correct in a short period of time.

Challenging both cadets and instructors. Here is a look at just some of the fundamentals.

Sgt. Steve Mitchell says, "The first thing we want to do is re-adjust their grip. Remember what I told you, the web of the hand needs to be up high. Now you have it. Now from here what I want you to do is get the stance. Your right handed so your strong foot will be behind your week foot shoulder with the part. Lean forward just a little bit. Because we are doing this from a fighting position and that is how we teach the officers to fight so that is how we are going to teach them to shoot. Put your front sight on it and nice and slow, don't get in a hurry."

They have to not only hit the target... But do it in a certain time, and a certain number of shots.

Oh and there is that 'Get the gun out of the holster first thing' that can cause a problem.

Next week we will talk more with cadets about their firing skills and how they are feeling about carrying a weapon.