WT Professors Tackle School Violence Issue

Community-wide school violence education is being addressed by West Texas A & M professors.

School shootings are becoming more frequent across the country, and WT professors say they hope to give teachers in our area the tools needed to deal with a shooting.

All schools are required to have lock down plans and give teachers basic training but the WT professors say they are hoping to prepare teachers for surprise attacks.

Dr. Amy Anderson, Asst. Professor of Education at WT says, "I think it's not the same when something really happens. And when you know a lock down drill is going to happen, just like a fire drill it's not the same as when you surprise them with one. And so I'd like to see more of that. I think many teachers are aware but they are not as aware of the details that might take place."

The workshop includes talking about keeping kids safe with a shooter on campus, simulating potential scenarios, and how to identify different kinds of weapons.

Anderson recommends parents check with their principals for school lock down procedures.

If you are interested in participating in the "School Violence Workshop" Contact:

*Dr. Nina Barbee, Director of Continuing Education, 806-651-2038, nbarbee@wtamu.edu

*Roxie Pranglin, Assistant Director of Continuing Education, 806-651-2037, rpranglin@wtamu.edu