"40 Days For Life" Security

Planned Parenthood Director Claudia Stravato
Planned Parenthood Director Claudia Stravato

Amarillo abortion opponents are taking their posts outside Planned Parenthood on Taylor Street, as part of ther campaign called "40 Days For life".

Panhandle Pro-Life advocates are fasting and or praying for 40-days, in an effort to discourage people from our area from seeking out abortions,but some are worried this campaign has its risks.

Planned Parenthood Director Claudia Stravato is weary of rallies like the "40 Days for Life" campaign, which started on Wednesday. Stravato says past experiences make her take precautions. "I've certainly had a rifle shot through my office window, we've had a lot of writing on the walls, braking of the pots vandalism of various things," she said.

They have increased patrols and add security gates a year go to ensure safety for everyone. Pro-Life members say there is no need, they are educating not protesting.   Campaign Director Stephanie Frausto says the rally is drawing awareness to the campaign. "The whole purpose out here to let them know they are not alone. Other clinics in our own community her in Amarillo provide the same thing planned parenthood does. We don't want to support what Planned Parenthood does," Frausto said.

Even on-lookers who agree with the campaign's cause, Christina Flowers, wonders if their message is being heard. "I think this is a secluded area and how many people are going to see this and how many private doctors are out there that do abortions," Flowers said.

"40-Days For Life" advocates say they have 37 more days of left of campaigning and each day they gain close to 20 members to their cause.