Spot Your Tot

A 15-month-old Pampa child is still in critical condition after a family member ran him over with an SUV last week.

But this isn't an isolated incident.

Thousands of children every year are treated in the ER for back-over injuries. On average, 229 children die every year after being struck by a vehicle. Most accidents occur either at home driveways or parking lots.

The Panhandle Safe Kids Coalition is educating parents on how to spot their children before they start backing up.

"Don't be in such a rush. Give yourself that extra five to ten minutes at the lead of what you are going to do, to have time to stop and check," says Mark Miracle, treasurer of the Safe Kids Coalition.

They suggest you walk arounf the car before taking off. Looks for toys, small objects or anything that could attract a child to the car.

Once inside, check your review mirrors and back out slowly.

The coalition says the best way to prevent these accidents is to supervise your child anytime he or she plays outside.

For more safety tips, visit the Panhandle Safe Kids Coalition website: