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Borger Officer Shoots Resident

Marcus Godson, Borger Resident Marcus Godson, Borger Resident
Trooper Dan Hawthorne Trooper Dan Hawthorne

Borger authorities continue investigating a shooting where a police officer shot and killed a Borger resident.

29-year-old Jeremy Karnes died earlier Thursday morning after one fatal shot by a Borger officer. Borger police say they responded to calls of two hit and runs around 12:30 this morning. The first hit and run was on Mississippi Street, where police say Karnes slammed into a truck. They say he then struck a tree and fence on Missouri Street. 

Witnesses led officers to Karnes' home where the stand off began. Karnes' neighbors had no idea the stand off would lead to a fatal shooting. One resident, Marcus Dodson was shocked to hear the news. "We heard a lot of commotion and you know when you hear a gun shot it sounds like a car back firing. You don't really expect to hear a gun shot, so I really wasn't sure what happened until this morning," Dodson said.

Officers say after two hours of negotiation outside Karnes' home, they had no choice but to take action. Trooper Dan Hawthorne with the Texas Department of Public Safety says officer attempted to resolve the situation as peaceful as possible. "The officers began trying to negotiate the subjects surrender. He would not listen to them. They were confronted by Jeremy Karnes and he had a fire arm. Orders were given for him to drop the weapon. Orders were heard outside the house, Trooper Hawthorne explains.

Officers say Karnes died at the scene around 3:30 a.m. His body was taken to Lubbock for an autopsy.

Investigators say a review is routine after police are involved in a shooting. No other injuries were reported from Thursday's incident in Borger.

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