One Heck Of A Dog Gone Good Time

A man that uses dogs to teach life lessons...

Hank Hough has some amazing dogs. He teaches children and adults a special message in how dogs are obedient to their owner and how children and adults should be to God. It all started for Hank when one of his boys came home from college and challenged his father with a new puppy. Hank put his sons words to work with the dog and now travels around the world spreading the good news to families.

Hank has been in Amarillo all week to promote obedience and to show children how in life "the good dog gets the bone".

The amazing dog show will be at the Quail Creek Church on Friday and Saturday night. The show is free to the public and one of Hanks puppy's will be given away along with I-Pods and pass's to Six Flags. You don't want to miss it, its dog gone good !!!