Locals Debate Importance of Presidential Debate

Tom Roller, Potter County Republican Party Chair
Tom Roller, Potter County Republican Party Chair
Leslie Crawford, Amarillo Democratic Headquarters
Leslie Crawford, Amarillo Democratic Headquarters

While officials in Washington debate the financial crisis bailout.. Some locals are hoping they can come to an agreement quickly, so another debate can begin.

The presidential debate with nominees John McCain and Barack Obama.

McCain suspended his campaign to handle the financial crisis.. But some say that may not stop the debate.

Potter County Republican Party Chair, Tom Roller says, "If he feels he can get things in order, feels like there is enough consensus among all of the parties and all of the leaders. I think there is a pretty reasonable chance that he still, they do have airplanes and they can get to Mississippi pretty quick from Washington."

These debates, some say are critical to grabbing undecided voters and letting them choose who best represents them.

Leslie Crawford with the Amarillo Democratic Headquarters says, "Any choice that anyone makes, I hope is made as an educated choice. Anytime you have an opportunity to educate people that is great. People who are serious have already looked at the position and have made a decision, its not going to change their mind. But there are a lot of people out there, we have talked to a lot of people who are still really having a hard time making a decision."

Some say this one debate is just on the list... And they don't believe it will be overly crucial

John Tyson, Randall Co. Republican Chair says, "I think they will handle all three of them and make a conclusion then. I don't think this one first debate will be that exciting or that conclusive."

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