Local Group Pushes Ex-Felons to Vote

NAACP Amarillo Chapter President Floyd Anthony
NAACP Amarillo Chapter President Floyd Anthony

Convicted felons will vote in the election this November... And it's entirely legal. It's most likely surprising to the average citizen and in some cases, it's even surprising to the felons themselves.

Amarillo's NAACP Chapter is handing out flyers that say "It doesn't matter if you spend four years at Harvard or four years in Huntsville, your vote counts just the same." And Texas law say's they're right. Once a convicted felon serves out their entire parole or probation, they are eligible to vote.

NAACP Amarillo Chapter President Floyd Anthony says, "however they vote is up to them. We just want to let them know that is a right they have and if they're incarcerated, they do lose that right as a condition of their sentencing. But once they pay their debt to society, then you have that right."

Anthony says they've been working on the campaign for a while now, but they're kicking it into overdrive with this year's election being so close.

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