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Gun Incident Leads To A look At Rights

AISD Superintendent Rod Schroder AISD Superintendent Rod Schroder
AISD Executive Director, Stan Chatman AISD Executive Director, Stan Chatman

Four firearms are found in a car parked at Amarillo High School on Tuesday and the student police say is responsible remains in custody Wednesday.

When a student at Amarillo High was accused of storing guns, rifles and knifes in a car on school property. Police and school officials immediately took action.

Like a majority of districts Amarillo Independent School District has a zero tolerance policy on weapons and drugs on school property. When that policy is violated action is taken.

AISD Superintendent Rod Schroder says action is always necessary. "First of all... The law states we shall expel someone has a possession of a fire arm and they have to be removed from regular education program so that is a requirement by law," Schroder said.

With that law and the no child left behind act, districts are forced to balance safety along with a students rights. AISD Executive Director, Stan Chatman says some incidents are severe and require expulsion. "If the event is so severe we feel they are a threat to come back here. That child has the right to go to other school districts or home school or private school. What ever the case may be," he said.

Chatman says area superintendents handle cases like the gun incident on Tuesday seriously and show little leniency. "If we don't do that what would prevent kids from breaking the rules and going from one place to another and knowing nothing is going to be done," Chatman said.

School districts have a due process when it comes to weapons and drug accusations.  With very few cases AISD handles the incidents on a case by case basis. "It depends on the situation. We are looking out for both the safety. The safety of the kid as well as the staff members.

Chatman says parents and students know how severe the consequences are for certain actions. AISD provides every student and parent a code of conduct at the beginning of the year and offers the rules on-line as well, so know one is ill-informed.

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