Pampa EMS Deals With Large Call Volume

Peggie Colman, Guardian EMS
Peggie Colman, Guardian EMS

Some residents in Pampa say the city is growing... But the emergency response team isn't.

The city only has one on-duty team.. So if two calls come in, an on-call team responds... And if a third call comes in, they have to rely on neighboring EMS services.

Another big problem the station is on the opposite side of town from most of their calls.

John Goes, who has used the service says, "They were in town now they are south of town or near south, but it really doesn't take that much longer. What a few minutes."

A few minutes may not be too much to wait for Goes.. But for some it can be an eternity.

Peggie Colman with Guardian EMS in Pampa says, "The average time that has changed since we moved from the middle part of town to down here is about two minutes, but when you consider if your loved one is having a heart attack of severe trouble breathing, one minute is forever."

Coleman says she would like to move the station back into a central location.. Something law enforcement seems to agree with.

Sgt. Donny Brown with Pampa PS says, "I got information yesterday that they are looking at a new building for police, fire and ems."

officials say they are looking at staffing another full time team, to have two ambulances on-duty each day..

But getting that staff is the problem.

Coleman says, "There is a lot of competition, you have to have an incentive to get them to come, because there is not enough to go around."

Coleman says the ambulances require Paramedics be on board.. Those are the hardest to get and keep because of the training needed.