Man Charged With Assaulting Officers

Craig Jonathan Forguson
Craig Jonathan Forguson

One man is behind bars after police say he tried to punch officers during a dispute.

Amarillo Police say 23 year old Craig Jonathan Forguson was arrested Tuesday night after police say they tasered him to get him into custody.

Police were called to a residence at 31st and S. Washington Tuesday night on a noise complaint when the attack happened. When officers arrived, they say they saw an underage girl drinking alcohol. Then they tried to arrest her, she ran inside the home. Officers attempted to enter the home when Forguson reportedly swung his fists and struck two officers.

Police say the two officers suffered minor injuries. Forguson was taken to an Amarillo hospital when he complained of shoulder pains.

Forguson was charged with Assault on a Police Officer, Evading Arrest, Making Alcohol Available To A Minor, and Disorderly Conduct-Loud Noise.

Police say there have been about 10 calls for noise or loud music to the address where the incident happened in the past 9 days.