ConsumerWatch 10: Freebies!

They say the best things in life are free... And now they really are.  It's time to throw out the mindset of if it's too good to be true it probably is. We've put together a list of websites that allow you to get something for nothing at all. As any shopper will tell you, the only thing better than getting something on sale is getting something for free... And we'll show you how in tonight's, ConsumerWatch 10 report.

1. AVOID ATM SURCHARGES. The one or two dollar charges for using an ATM not belonging ot your bank can really start to add up. Good news - there are two companies, AllPoint and MoneyPass who operate ATMs here in Amarillo that don't charge fees at all. They're located at places like Walgreens and gas stations all over town. Go to and to find the locations. Then, call you bank to make sure they are part of the two company's plans.

2. WATCH TV AND MOVIES FOR FREE. You can access more than 165 movies and 300 television shows online by going to They are all full length and there's no fee at all. The shows range from today's favorites to older classics. As far as movies, there's a little bit of everything.

3. JUMPSTART YOUR KID'S COLLEGE FUND. You can turn everyday spending into your kid's college money. It's as easy as going to Money from each purchase is automatically put into your child's 529 account.

4. GET RID OF JUNK MAIL... FOR GOOD. If you want to make sure you stop receiving catalogs you don't want, go to Once there, you can select which catalogs you want to get in the mail. As for the pre-approved credit card offers - you can get rid of those too. You can do this by going to

5. MANAGE YOUR WEIGHT. If you want the benefits of WeightWatchers but don't want to pay the monthly fee, this could be the thing for you. Log onto to find an online community dedicated to weight loss. You can find the latest on diets, recipes and exercises, plus look at message board posts by people hoping to lose weight, just like you.