Senior Programs Prepare For Future

The Amarillo elderly community is taking action to curb the thousands of dollars our area spends on elderly health care.

The number of baby boomers hitting their senior years is expected to triple in the next decade. Healthy Aging month is putting a spotlight on local seniors and their health. September  is designed to help you discover ways to make the most of the positive aspects of aging. It also provides information and inspiration for adults, age 50+, to improve their physical, mental,
social, and financial fitness.

70-year-old Bob Haswell takes this exercise and balance class at Craig Methodist every chance he gets. "I think it's been helpful. One of the main things I'm here for is the balance. I have trouble with balance and i work on that too," Haswell said.

Working to increase flexibility, balance and strength through senior work out programs is one of the many ways seniors can cut the cost of health care. Fitness trainer Cindy Nance offers fitness classes a s means to prevent health issues for seniors.  Her reason, "The reason we offer those classes is because the risk for falling and having broken bones is 95%. Most people that fall with in six months after they're released will have another fall with in the year., Nance said.

It's only been a few months since Haswell started his workout program back in May. He and his doctor are happy with the results. "I talked to him about that and of course he's elated. Any exercise is advantages to your health," he said. Leaving no excuses for this senior or other elderly exercisers. "Everybody has something. Either they got something wrong with them or they want to do something else. Everybody does that.

Helath officials say if preventative health care measures are not taken now. Health care costs will jump from 20 to 60-billion dollars for seniors alone.